Bulgaria – Varna 2016

As a good old saying says, when you are having fun, time runs faster. I can tell , it´s true. And I am  talking particulary about my month of internship at Department of Orthopedics  in Varna- the most beautiful city in Bulgaria. This unforgettable 4 weeks, that I spent there with other medical students from 10 countries of the world.

When i came, my CP picked me up from station. She was very kind like everybody in this city. I was hosted in dormitory with a lovely seaview. Dormitory  was good located- it was only 15min far from Hospital and 20min from beach- by walk!  Nice room and a friendly roommate from Slovenia made my staying really joyful.

On the first day of our practise , students from IFMSA took us to the hospital and helped us arrange all the things we needed to do. My CP showed me my department of Surgery-Orthopedics and introduced me to the doctors. Department was nice and modern and every doctor there were speaking English very well, so there was no language barrier.  My working day started at 7-9 o’clock, i could choose it and also i could stay as long i wanted, which was nice. During operations I was always welcome to assist! And that was a great step forward for my surgical skills.

Usually after Hospital we were sunbathing at our beach. We had nice weather whole month so we had there nice vacations. Everyday we had nice lunch or dinner somewhere in restaurant together and after that we were partying or just chilling. In July city is full of tourists so this time are party pretty much every night.

About social program there were options- paitball, karting, bungee jumping, pillow jumping..everybody could choose.

Another nice part of my exchange was travelling and exploring Bulgaria. We visited capital city of Bulgaria-Sofia and were hiking in Rila Mountains. What a beautiful view it was on the top of Seven Rila´s lakes!  We could go to Sunny beach too.

I really enjoyed my Exchange in Varna and i can only recommend everyone to go there! If you are summer lover like me, Varna is the best option for you!


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