Indonesia – Padang 2016

This exchange was my secound one and I am pretty sure and I hope so that I will go again. There is something magical behind this kind of experiences. I would say, that this program is more about culture, food, travelling, than spending hours and hours in hospital. Well honestly, who would like to stay there if all those things are waiting outside to be explored? Of course, if you would like to do it another way, you can, it is about your priorities J

Why i choosed Indonesia and Padang? So previous exchange I spent in Thailand ( Bangkok) and i just falled in love with Asia. I don´t know, once you come there you will understand what I mean. The people, culture, food, nature and again people.. life is just way simplier and more fun in that part of world, haha.

And why I picked up Padang? Well, actually this question I was questioned few times and anytime I answer why not. Not because i don´t know what to say, simply because it is like this, haha.  I have been in Padang with my friend (from our uni) and we just talked about the options were to go. Need to choose between Jakarta, Jogyakarta and Padang. I didn´t know about that cities anything so I just followed advices of my friend. Our vision was spending as much time as possible with surfing. And to be honest the reality wasn´t so far, haha J

But need to say that Padang is quite strict ( religion). Let me explain to you. Indonesia is the biggest muslim country in the world. Some of the parts are way less strict and some are a bit more strict. Padang is the number two. You need to get used to islamic traditions and habbits. Like, girls need to wear polite and long clothes which cover your body and so one. It tooked me first two days to undestand that I am the stranger in their homeland so need to stop complaining and start to enjoying.

They have not very well working local commitie. I mean the students are in secound or first medical year, so they don´t know how it is working in hospitals. Simply and clearly they were more confused than us-exchange students.

I attend general surgery department and the system there is quite different compare to european one. On the OR there is like complex of operateing rooms and on one big hall  you can find  basicaly any surgery. Also it was quite hard to find my supervisor, but no worries I just could do it my way and choose surgeries which i was interested to. So probably even better for me, haha. The doctors could speak basic english and every Friday They made the duty report in eglish so We could undestand the topic. The schedule was more less free for us, which was great!

Let me tell you now some few words about food, culture and people. At first, I need to say that I felt like a celebrity. Everyday whooping on us like Hey Mister, Hey Miss, Can I take a photo with you? .  And something like Mike Spirit is singing ( všetky oči na mne) – so feeling like this. But this is quite common in Asia J. As your skin is white , whey literally behave to you very nicely and warm. The food is amazing, there is no way to stay hungry , because petrol station and food is just everywhere. Food is nice and literally just another way how to eat rice. But very tasty and fresh. Don´t worry, you can very easily find some western food too. I have been placed to homestay. This was something new for me, but need to say that family was amazing, very friendly, always helpfull and ready to be there for me anytime and make my time memorable and special! Awesome! Every exchange student had their own contact person which was takeing care of you.

In Padang you don´t have much things to do. Only going for some food and hanging out with friends( locals or exchange sudents) . There is a beach like 30 minutes far by motorbike from hospital. The social program was very nice, they took us to the nearby islands and few times they invited us for dinner. There is a lot of options what to see in sumatera, like volcanoes, national parks, marine parks, islands, and so.

In the End let me just say to you, that if you choose Indonesia, you will be not disappointed because things which are waiting for you there, will last long after you come back home! So are you ready for adventure, new friends, fun, delish food, beautiful nature, travelling and perfect summer?


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