Lebanon – Beirut 2016 po druhé

Hello my collegues!

This Summer in July 2016 I did my practise in The University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital of Beirut in Lebanon. I had an amazing time being part of General Surgery department. I joined the group of 3rd year lebanese collegues and I attended lectures and practicals with them in a very friendly atmosphere. The University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital is a huge, modern. luxurious private hospital. The department was very good organised and the doctors and my collegues were very kind and helpful. I attended many operations and I discussed on many interesting cases with the doctors. Usually the patients spoke English or French so there was no problem with communication.

I want also to refer a bit  about the country and the lifestyle. Lebanon was a bit messy as the most arabic countries are. They have a lot of refugees but I did not feel endangered. Most of the times I used taxi for my transport because public transport is not operating good and it is not reliable. Although I used buses to the more farther  cities because it is really cheap, around 1 dollar. National food is great and the locals are used to eat a lot so you will not stay hungry, I promise you. And also we had breakfest, lunch and dinner in the hospital for free. In Beirut you can find many fancy bars, restaurants and clubs. The nightlife is also great. Lebanese people really like to have fun and they are very hospitable and friendly. The drinks are quite expensive for example a local beer in pub costs around 7 dollars. You can pay with the dollars or lebanese pounds.

In what regards to accommodation I was staying in a dormitory for female. The dormitory was located inside the university campus with the security everywhere. Rooms were clean ,mostly for two persons.

There was a very good social program for the weekends, very well organised and for free. I really believe they showed us all important places, culture, small villges, mountains and the sea.

It was a very good experience and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to visit Beirut. I highly recommended this beautiful country.

So YALLA to Lebanon!


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