Spain – Albacete 2016 po tretie

I spent my summer internship in Spain, in Albacete. It is a smaller town with approximately 150 000 citizens two hours from Valencia. I was placed with my schoolmate Silvia as I requested before. For me, there was nothing special about the town, just one cathedral, but lots of bars and clubs so we knew where to go to the party every night. Okay, it wasn’t so bad. J Also the hospital was really close. Only 15 minutes of walk through the main park (and the only bigger one in the city J ).  All of us, 10 incomings, lived in the same building, on the first, second and the sixth floor. This was the biggest advantage of our social life. We met every day in our apartment on the second floor and had a good time together.

Social program in Albacete was great. Our contact persons knew how to manage our free time. These guys were so cool and helpful in lots of things. Every weekend we travelled to different city, met different people. Medical students in Spain have a better cooperation between local committees in the cities. They use Facebook to announce your arrival in order to provide the best conditions to know the surrounding, architecture and other things in the town.

Hospital in Albacete was quite big and seemed new. I was placed in Thoracic surgery department. The biggest disadvantage was that not every doctor spoke English very well. Actually no one of them spoke English well, but this barrier was broken during the second week. So you have to be patient if they are not as courageous as you in communication.

On the other side this department showed me the different types of surgeries and practical skills.

I don’t regret this month in Spain. I practiced my English mostly between my friends from abroad, but that’s what it is all about. For me it was nice experience and I am looking forward to see these people again.


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