Taiwan – Taoyuan. Taipei 2016 po druhé

I was on some exchanges before, but this year I decided to try Asia. Taiwan was not my first choice, but it was second so I was really happy. I went at the end of my fifth year so I started my last year very early at the beginning of September. Thats why I came to Taiwan one week in advance to travel the country and then from August I started exchange. I would prefer to have an exchange and travel after that, but I had no choice. My exchange and all stay in Taiwan was just a dream. I wasnt place in Taipei but in Taoyuan what is around 30 minutes by bus from  Taipei city center.

Hospital was very big, but easy for orientation. I stayed in Gynecology department and every week I had another field- Urology, Delivery room, Oncology and Infertility. It was amazing professional experience, they showed me lot of things I have never seen , let me deliver the baby, let me to laparoscopy and watch lot of interesting surgeries and procedures. Not all my mentors had perfect English but It was not that bad and they were really nice and tried to explain me everything. Not only doctors, but everybody was nice I was surprised in the best way from Taiwanese people.

As I wrote I stayed in city near capital, but in my hospital it was only two IFMSA exchange students in August. I was upset first day when I realized, but then I found out that there are plenty of ifmsa people all over Taipei, so I found lot of friends and I was never alone. Everyday after hospital we went somwhere in Taipei, for example dinner, concert, cinema, museum, sightseeing, sport or party. I missed social program cause i applied too late, but it was no problem cause with the other people I went for another trips during weekends. I explored almost whole island the first week before exchange and later I explored Taipei and surroundings and we also organized trip to small island where we observed sea turtles. I had very nice contact persons that took care of me, they took me to lunch, dinner and also for one trip. There were also another Taiwanese people I met and all of them were really amazing and friendly. It was absolutely not any problem to find friends in Taiwan so I absolutely recommed to go there.

The organisation gave us some money for boarding what was really enough, food is not that expensive in Taiwan. Dormitory was not the bestI have seen and also not that clean, but it was ok for 4 weeks. About weather it was very hot and humid, I really didnt need any jacket or long trousers all 5 weeks, maybe just in the hospital because of AC.

Travelling was quite easy, there are lot of trains and buses almost everywhere and we also hitchhiked to some spots. Also good choice is to rent scooters in national parks. We werent able to rent a car, cause they didnt accept our driving licence( we had international) but finally with public transport it was more authentic and we enjoyed a lot. I recommend to visit south of Taiwan and East coast it was the bestJ For parties Taipei is the bestand I advise to go Thursday or Wednesday cause there are ladies nights or free entry for students to really nice and classy clubs with amazing music and atmosphere. Is that good that you dont need to drink but of course you canJ

Overall this exchange was totally awesome, I recommend everyone to go there to see beautiful country, meet super nice people, taste delicious food and see another type of health system.


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