Brazil – Recife 2016 po druhé

First of all, I would like to say “Thank you” to all who participate in this amazing program.

Our exchange started on the airport , where we first met our unbelievable host. Isis, who is a brazilian girl (not looking brazilian at all) made our stay in her house more special than we could ever imagine. She showed us what does it mean to call a place “home” even when you are a whole world far from you real home.

Brazil is a country of miracles. A country, where everyone wants you to feel welcome. They are very open-minded, relaxed , passionate, helpful. They organize hundreds of activities and want to introduce you to every person they know. You never feel lonely or sad. Prepare to eat a lot. When I say a lot I mean even more. Condensed milk will become your obsession and slowly will ruin your good figure if you have one. Fortunately, in Recife, there is a lot of parks and a beautiful beach ideal for running or any kind of other activities.

If you are in love with history and sightseeing, don’t worry! Recife offers you a variety of cultural heritage and places worth to see.

I spent all my internship in the department of Plastic Surgery. From the first meeting with the department chef and other doctors and residents I knew that my choice was perfect. The whole department was quite well equipped and air conditioned. Only the lack of knowledge in portuguese was a small disadvantage. All the doctors translated me everything I needed and shortly after my arrival I became a member of their team. Their behavior during examinations and also operations should be an example worldwide.

The social program allowed us to see so many places, meet so many new and interesting people, taste so many new flavors  that I can say I am almost a brazilian girl. We slowly discovered their habits, their way of thinking and the last but not least their education system and medical system.

To conclude, this internship was a great experience. I acquired a lot of practical skills and got to know another culture. This perfect fusion will influence not only my future medical career but also my way of seeing worldwide health problems.


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