Italy – Rome 2016

I would like to present you what is summer internship in Rome about. So – first of all- it was experience for me. Experience in positive, but also in negative way. I will explain you everything, just continue reading.

Average slovak person thinks that in Slovakia is one of the worst health care in Europe. But now I know that the opposite is true. In Italy, there were lots of differencies, which surprise me. For example, during one surgery of Hemicolectomy, there are 16 people(4 anesthetists,6 surgeons, 4 nurses and 2 hospital orderlies) plus medical students. For me there were so many people. Another things are that the hygienical standard isn´t very high (we could make a photos of surgery, we could stand next to the patient in surgical table without sterile clothes), modern technology haven´t arrived in Italy yet(they don´t use the staplers for making stitches,they write all anamnesis, physical examinations…by hand), they are disorganised…

But on the other side they are very friendly and they try to help you everytime they can J For example when I was lost in the city center they took I-phones, Android or other modern technologies and try to help me with finding right route. J Maybe is because of the way of their lifestyle. Their motto is: „La vita e bella.“ And their philosophy is: „Enjoy your life.“

Our accommodation was quite good equipped(just one negative thing – it was without any dishes, but they informed us about this in the mails before exchange), but the residence was very far from the hospital (at least 1hour by bus and underground).

My opinion is you should know something also about traffic in Italy. By one word, it is terrible. Public transport is absolutely unreliable(it is common that the bus is late for 45-60minutes),very fast, they don´t respect red signalisation, they use sound signalisation unjustifiably, the roads are totaly damaged etc.

One meal per a day was served in school canteen and it was really rich and tasty. In 1 lunch was included: Pasta + Pizza + vegetable + 2 slices of bread + fruit + bottle of water or Meat + Rice + vegetable + 2 slices of bread + fruit + bottle of water.We got card to the canteen with 23 meals and we had some free meals we could take also some cheese, ham, bread and fruit for dinner.

Social programe was rich and you could spent lot of time with your Exchange group in different nice places J. They organised trips to Naples, Florence, Pisa and some individuals trips inside the Exchange group were also possible J

In conclusion I would like to recommend you this internship if you are interested in sightseeing. You have 1 month –  it is enough time to discover almost all places in this beautiful historic city. But if you prefer internship where you learn something new from health care it is better to choose another country.


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