Montenegro – Podgorica 2016 po druhé

At the beginning of this report I want to say that if I could choose Montenegro once again, I did it again. I don´t know why. Maybe I love this country and probably I loved it before I visited it.

I wanted to visit this part of Europe for a long time. No offense but Balkan is Mexico of Europe. On the one hand there you might find the developed cities, new resorts, untouched and clean nature, but on the other hand there you can see the garbage everywhere, war-damaged villages, socialist cities and other things.

I went to Montenegro with one of my best friends, Milos. We wanted to spend one month out of Slovakia together and took experience of something new. We decided to travel to Podgorica by train, because it was the cheapest way for us. It took 24 hours but who cares ? We had great time in train with Scotish guy, we drunk beers and started to improve our English.

The First night was amazing, we had a big party with everyone which ended in our room , with small group of peole from Canada, Ukraina and Russia and we decided to spend the first weekend in Kotor and Budva together. We had a great time there as almost everywhere.

Our next trips were directed to Skadar lake, Cetinje, National Park Lovcen, Ostrog, and seaside. Seaside was far away only an hour by train from Podgorica, so it was very easy to decide to go there after practise. But for me the best trip was weekend in the Durmitor National Park. We were there all together, we had barbecue party there, lived in bungalows, hiked in most dangerous part of montenegrian mountains. It was amazing. Of the others trips I suggested to spend weekend in Ulcinj, but I think that was awesome because of people who was there with me.

Big minus of our exchange in Montenegro was MOMSIC, hosting organisation. There was only one person who was  taking care about us. Almost every party, every trip we had to prepare by ourself.

I didn´t spend a lot of time in hospital. I had a great mentor who told me that the main aim of this exchange is to get to know the country, culture and nature. So I decided listened to his recommendations.

At the end of this report I want to say only one. If you want to spend one month in hospital, Montenegro isn´t for you, but if you want to spend one month on the coast, in mountains or in pub with great people you should go there.


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