Poland – Bydgoszcz 2016

One month spent in historical city Bydgoszcz was a great experience for me. Bydgoszcz has fulfilled every of my expectations.

Bydgoszcz is a beautiful city. Its streets are made for relaxation walking. Everytime you go for a walk, you find beautiful historical buildings, which bring you into the mystical history of this city. Bydgoszcz is known for the biggest urban park in whole Europe (Myślęcinek) and for opera with one of the best acoustics in Europe (Opera Nova). There are many museums, churches and cultural landmarks, which are bound with interesting tales and legends.

I stayed together with other 15 exchange – students in the dormitory in old city centre, from which it′s very close to anywhere. There don´t exist any monthly tickets for public transport in Bydgoszcz, but it′s not a very big disadvantage. In the city is developed bicycle transportation, so you can ride a bike whole month, almost without time limit and only for 20 złoty. And it took me only 15 minutes from dormitory to hospital by bicycle.

One dinner was included in price. Dishes like żurek, pierogi, krówki and ptasie mleczko are local specialities, which you must love and eat again and again every day.

I spent the whole month at the Department of Cardiology in Antoni Jurasz University Hospital no 1. This hospital is very big and modern. I prefered to spend time at invasive cardiology (doctors here perform mainly coronarographies and stenting), I spent a lot of time also in intensive care unit (performing cardioversions was one of my daily routines). Operating theatres are brand new, with brilliant equipment. Doctors speak english very well and they kindly explain every procedure to you. It is said, that this department is the best department of cardiology in Poland and it must be the truth. I give the best rating to this department.

Social program was very fanciful, CPs took great care of us. We spent most of our free time together. We explored Bydgoszcz and other nerby cities (Toruń, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warszawa, Krąków, Wrocław), did sports and played various games, watched polish movies… everything together. Shortly said, we bartered all of our free time for fun. You don’t have any time to get bored in Bydgoszcz – neither at the evening of course. Night life is on high level, there are many bars (I recommend all karaoke bars to you) and very enjoyable are prices, which are very low.

The weather in Bydgoszcz is always changing. It can change from sunny to rainy from one minute to the next. During the day the temperature rises at a comfortable 250C, but at night, however, it usually cools down on 100C. Thus, even if you’re travelling in the summer, you should take at least one warm jacket.

My stay in Bydgoszcz was full of adventures and has passed incredibly quickly. Thanks to this internship, last summer was one of those summers, which I will definitely remember!


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