Taiwan – Srinakharinwirot 2016

Thailand was the best experience ever.

Everything started in December when we chose our contries. After that we needed to choose our departments, buy flight tickets, contact our contact persons and then I could go. I chose July so I bought my flight ticket in April for 444e. My departure was from Budapest-Doha-Bangkok and arrival from Kuala Lumpur-Doha-Budapest.

Firstly I chose Tropical medicine. They confirmed my choice and 3 days before my arrival they changed it to Neonatology. Before coming to BKK we managed with my CP my transport from the airport to the dorms. I didnt have a hospital in BKK, they put me to Srinakharinwirot hospital which is 70km away from BKK, in the town Ongkharak..

Whatever, I left from Slovakia and in BKK at the airport was waiting for me a father of the girl named Nam, with the paper where was written my name. His english wasnt so good, so we needed to be in contact with Nam through the phone. He took me to their house, gave me breakfast and after that I could have some rest till Nam came from school. Then she took me by car to the girls dormitory.

Dorms were quite nice and simple, it was a little house, where were 10 rooms, shared bathroom and little kitchen. In the room were 4 beds but I shared my room only with one Russian girl. We have been there 7 exchange students. Spanish people, Polish girls, Russian girl and me J

My CPs I saw twice. When I came there and then when we got a pocket money from them. We received 3000thb. I dont have very good experience with contact persons. They didnt care about us so much and they couldnt find solutions for many problems we have met with. Also we didnt have any social programme, only once when they took us to river cruise in BKK.

First day at hospital was hard. Thai ppl they dont speak english so good, so when I came, the doctors welcomed me in English but as far as Thai students didnt understand, they needed to speak in Thai language, so it was very uncomfortable for me to be there. What can I say about the doctors is that they were so friendly and so kind to the students and especially to us, exchange students.

First week, me and Spanish boy, we were in Neonathology. Another days it was changing, once at the department, then at OPD in Pediatrics. Our doctor from OPD took us to have a dinner with him, so we could speak and asked questions about medicine and Thailand. It was a perfect opportunity to recognize a lot of things we didnt know before. Also we absolved Thai lessons which were very useless for us because it was in Thai language. After a few of them, we decided not to go there anymore. Nobody from doctors cared about our attendance, so many days we skipped our practise and went to BKK.

When we wanted to go to BKK we needed to take a van, it cost 50thb one way. Traffic jams are unbelievable. 70km we went 2 or 3 hours, some days more. Also it was very difficult to explain them where we want to go but we used to use google translator. We had an internet in our phones because it is so cheap there, 30days tourist sim card (True Move) cost 250thb with unlimited internet. You can buy it wherever, you just need to show your passport and you can use it. My sim card was working more than 30 days. So when you will be there longer then one month, you dont have to buy another one.

About the food.. Everywhere in Thailand was shop named Seven Eleven. Its open 24/7. Its gonna be like  your kitchen and you can buy there totally everything. Also there are so many opportunities to eat street food and its perfect and so, so cheap. In area of Srinakharinwirot University is only one 7/11 and cantine where you can buy your food for 30thb per one meal. First sight was horrible but then we have got used to it .

Thailand is a big country with many places to go. During my clerkship we made trips during the weekends. We always used vans for low prices 50-150thb. We went to Maeklong Railway market, Amphawa floating market, Erawan National park, old city Ayutthaya and we went for 3 days to Pattaya city, where we could make a trip to Koh Larn what was an island 40mins by ferry from Pattaya. In BKK there are so many beautiful temples, where you will have to go. In July Thailand had publis holidays so I made a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I bought fly tickets via Asia Airlines and went there for 6 days. Wheather in Thailand during summer is rainy. But rainy I mean.. Its all day sunny and hot, maybe 1 hour per day is raining and then again sunny, so you dont have to be scared of the rainy season.

When I finished my clerkship after one month, I went to the other places in Thailand. First place was an island Koh Tao for 3 days. Its very simple to get there. You just need to find travel agency in BKK, buy ticket for bus and then boat for low price and you will get there. From Koh Tao we made a trip around the island to the beautiful Koh Nang Yuan. After that we went to Koh Samui island. There we rent a motorbike what is very cheap, its like 200thb per day so you can discover lot of beauties in that island, for example Namuang Safari park, Big Buddha and different kind of beautiful beaches. After 6 days in Koh Samui, we went to AoNang, Krabi. We found the most beautiful Pai Plong beach. In AoNang I highly recommend kayaking. This experience was really unforgettable.

I was there almost 2 months so I connected this internship with travelling. After AoNang we went by AirAsia airlines to Singapore and from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then home, back to reality.

This journey was the best ever.. Thai nature, people, food, their culture, sea, wheather, travelling… Those things are something why I will go there again for sure. And I know you will never regret this choice.


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