Egypt 2021

My summer exchange was in a Egypt and now I know that It was the best decision for me.   Honestly, I was scared at first, because Egypt is a Muslim country. A country with a lot of rules, where people be following a completely different lifestyle. I was lucky to be able to visit this place with my two perfect friends. Egypt is magical and i hope i will visit this place in the future again. 

Our adventure started 28th of June when we began our trip at the Vienna airport. We stayed in a big town -Sohag. Sohag is a city about 4 hours from Hurghada. This town is huge like whole Slovakia because has 5 millions inhabitants, town with typical Egyptian atmosphere. This city is divided into two parts. New Sohag with beautiful buildings, big shopping center, new university for rich people and on the other side Old Sohag -our home for a month with unbelievable atmosphere. Our accommodation was perfectly authentic. We shared our flat with doctor from Tansania. Typical Egyptian life start after sunset when the weather is not very hot. People are working at night, children play games on the playgrounds at 😃Sohag is not typical place for tourists and we felt because of that like celebrities. Almost every Egyptian guy wanted to take a picture with us. They do not follow any rules for driving and I didn’t saw any traffic light. 😃Egyptians have special place in my heart for me. They are kind, friendly, caring and very polite. I felt safe with them. 

Our summer exchange was at the plastic surgery department. I saw a lot of children with burns, many operations and I could assist anytime. Doctors were amazing and friendly. The health system in Egypt is completely different compared to Slovakia because this country is poor, and they do not have necessary equipment but on the other side everyone is grateful for care. My greatest experience was, when I could sew the patient´s hand ,for the first time or when I saw cockroach or flies in the operating theatre. 😃 Incredible but It was amazing experience for me and made me grateful that I live in Slovakia.

 One of the best parts in Egypt was social program. We traveled across all of Egypt. Our first week was in Hurghada . we saw dolphins , drove cars in the Sahara . We saw Luxor and Aswan, places with breathtaking historical atmosphere. Egypt has awesome temples like Hatshepsut or Karnak Temple. We saw beautiful Nubian village in Aswan and we could take a picture with baby crocodile. One whole weekend we were in Siwa with other incoming students. We couldn’t forget visit the pyramids either. I felt history everywhere. 

Our group consisted of : me ,my two friends from Slovakia ,Brazilian guy Bernardo  and Marcus from Spain. And what about our contact person? They were best of the best. They wanted to be with us every moment and I am so grateful that I’ve chosen Egypt. It was the best month in my life 😊 


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