Slovenia 2021

The past year wasnt easy, lots of exchanges got cancelled. I was among the lucky ones that got the chance to go. When I chose Slovenia, I didnt know what to expect. I have never been there, just knew it’s the small country next to Croatia with all you need for life- beautiful nature, mountains and the sea.

I came to the capital, Ljubljana one day earlier, with my friend Lucia, that was about to take part on the exchange as well and stayed in a hotel overnight. When we walked around the city i was really surprised. The atmosfere was stunning. All those small restaurants on the shore of the Ljubljanica river, people sitting enjoying the time with their close ones. I knew immediately that I will have a great time in this town.

Next day in the morning we went to the dormitories to meet with other incomings. My roommate was Dragan from Serbia. He was really cool guy and the two of us hit it off right away. The practice started on Monday, July 5th. My contact person walked me to the hospital, it was bit better than ours, except maybe the lifts. Yes the lifts… they were just working randomly, you could have pressed the button but the lift showed off 15 minutes later. So i chose to walk. 

I’ve spent my practice in the department of arrythmology. My mentor was very carrying. Showed me lots of procedures, including Coronarographies, STEMI management, ablations, valves replacement. I have examined lots of patients on the ward or in the outpatient clinic. I am really thankful to him and to his team.

Outside the hospital we’ve had really a full program. On the first weekend, we went to the mountains, had a little hike, the local shepherds showed us, how they produce the cheese and diary products and later that day we stopped for a little beer tasting. The next week we went to the Bled lake, one of the most known places in Slovenia, had a little swim and cruised to the small island on the lake. The other day was really adventurous. We were about to go rafting and Canyoning on Soča river. It turned out to be the best experience of the trip. The water was crystal clear and the weather was awesome. Last week our cps took us to the Slovenian seeside. We spent the night in the Portorož, went to the beach and had some great party. The other morning, we visited one of the most beautiful cities of Slovenia, Piran. The architecture of this place was awesome, so was the beaches and see. 

Besides the weekends, we spent almost every day in the main city, all together. All the incomings were a great people and I have enjoyed every single minute spent with them. I might have had doubts if it’s a good idea to go on an exchange, but now I can tell it was the best trip of my life. 


Obrázok, na ktorom je trávnik, vonkajšie, strom, ľudia

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Obrázok, na ktorom je osoba, obloha, vonkajšie, voda

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Obrázok, na ktorom je osoba, vnútri, podlaha, šport

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